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I have been a keen amateur astronomer for 18 years, though my interest developed many years before that. Let's just say that I have owned and used telescopes for that amount of time. I developed a passion for astronomical imaging and put substantial effort and resources into a sophisticated set-up that took several years to complete. Some of the results can be seen on the images page to the left. Growing frustrated at increasing light pollution in my area, I disposed of the entire set-up. After only a couple of years, the fever took hold again and I now have a Celestron CPC800 plus a William Optics ZS66 mounted on a Synscan GoTo EQ5. A Starlight Xpress CCD and a couple of QHY cameras have 'reappeared', together with a double stacked pressure tuned Lunt LS50 hydrogen alpha solar telescope for observing and imaging the Sun in hydrogen alpha.

I joined Peterborough Astronomical Society in 2009 and took over as Treasurer in 2011. The following year PAS co-hosted a 'Star Gazing Live' event with the BBC and needed volunteer speakers. I presented a talk about Curiosity, the Martian Rover and thoroughly enjoyed the research which that entailed. I am keen to promote interest in astronomical science to the general public and so the decision to offer talks on a wider basis was entirely logical. I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2016.

My presentations have been delivered to an increasing number of Astronomical Societies, full U3A meetings and science groups, public outreach events and local societies. The talks can be tailored to suit varying levels of interest and involve stunning images (some in 3D), videos, animations and digestible facts that are delivered with humour and enthusiasm. I add to the list periodically, so please check back from time to time to see what is currently available. You can email me via the contact page for more details, charges and availability.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

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